In culture after culture, people believe that the soul lives on after death, that rituals can change the physical world and divine the truth, and that illness and misfortune are caused and alleviated by spirits, ghosts, saints ... and gods.

STEVEN PINKER, How the Mind Works

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Indian Head Screaming House

Well last weekend we decided to check out an old house 2 km past Indian Head along the #1 Hwy. The house which I have decided to call the "Indian Head Screaming House" sits just north of the highway and rail tracks. It is a small two-story field stone house that is in pretty good condition with some interior disrepair. The feature that stands out are the two windows which face the tracks windows are covered up with what appears to be the same field stone. This feature ties in with the story attached to the house.

The story goes that a woman looking out of the window(s) watched her child be killed by a passing train and the windows where covered up so she no longer had to look out on the tracks. They say if you are in the house during the evening when a train passes you can hear a women screaming.

Now checking out the house I'm not sure this story is true as there are multiple windows that look out on the rail line and the lower of the two that are blocked up appears to be too low for a window, maybe a door? I think this may be a urban legend made up to explain the covered openings. On examining the interior there are no window openings roughed in. There may have in the past, but as it stands now there is a interior wall covering them and in some spots you can see right through to the stonework and there is no framework behind the walls.

On approaching the house my wife was a little unnerved by the disturbed pigeons which fled the scene. She said she had heard a noise inside and didn't want to go in. So I entered being sure to watch my footing testing for weak spots in the floor. My initial impression was really kinda flat. I felt nothing. I'm not saying I'm a "sensitive" or anything but both my wife and I are born under the sign of Aquarius and I have always had impressions on things and people. I went from room to room taking random pictures asking for anyone there to pose for a picture.

The second floor bedroom had a small squatters pad, by the look of it fairly resent. After returning to the first floor I discovered stairs leading to a basement. After going down two steps I decided the rest didn't look too safe and turned around. I guess I'll save the basement for the next trip.
Well we finished the investigation of the farm house and headed off to the next destination. I wonder if I returned in the evening the farm house would take on a different feel.


John said...

Interesting! So you didn't hear any screaming then? Looks pretty creepy from the photo, though. Ash and Mark and I are planning on doing a few field investigations this summer ourselves. We've been talking about spending the night in the Lizzie Borden house in Massachusetts.

Cool stuff - congratulations for looking into it and posting your experience. Only way to do it is to get out there and check this stuff out for yourself. Looking forward to reading more about your investigations.

Btw - thanks again for posting our link on your site. We put yours on our link page today. Got a show coming up at 9:00 EST tonight, 6/26. Feel free to call in!


Anonymous said...

How did you first hear of this house....loran01 January 2009

Lazyowl said...

When I was doing research for haunted locations around my area this one popped up so I figured we'd check it out.

Dave said...

I took a visit to this house on sunday the 19 2009. I heard about this house before, there is a rut tpe of road in a field, any you can only drive so far, then you must walk a bit to get to the house. I was there at 4 oclock in the afternoon i waited for a hour but no train went bye. Its funny, but the whole time that i was in this house it felt like i was breaking and entering and i felt that i was going to be in trouble if i didnt leave. I am going back to this house again, this time i hope a train comes bye, its funny you hear people say that they dont believe in ghosts, but i asked several people to come with me and they all said no, how ironic. Dave

Anonymous said...

I live in the town. yes I know that the story is true. i have never gone there but I have had people tell me that ti is true. I want to visit there just because I believe that I will hear the woman's scream and maybe feel this woman's presence. I think it would be a really interesting thig to encounter.

Anonymous said...

Headed out to the house a few days ago actually it's hard. I had driven by this house sooo many times and then when poking around on the internet and hearing the stories I decided I had to check it out. Got a lot of good pictures, but the overall feeling of the house was... kinda nothing to be honest. Aside from the Huge wasp nest that hung in every corner of every room there wasn't a lot of excitement lol. The squatters stuff is that was mentioned in an earlier post are still there but covered in a lot of dust and whatnot so I'm thinking it hasn't been used in a while. I was impressed at how well the house was preserved. A few loose floor boards but the stairs leading up to the second floor were pretty sturdy. I wanted to venture into the basement as well but it was pretty dark, good thing I chucked a rock down the stairs first as the basement was full of water so that was a no go. I searched through all the photos I took pretty closesly and nothing out of the normal at all. All in all it's still an interesting place to check out, if for nothing more than to just see how well the place is built~

Anonymous said...

Ive visited the house. I kind of thought that those stoned up areas were for access and windows to a porch that never got built. But the ghost story I've heard since a child is a better tale. My Grandmother also talked about The boy scout house at Lebret being haunted

Unknown said...

I went there alost 6 years ago. I was there in the middle of the night with a few friends. Honestly didn't feel creepy. In the basement there was a grave tho I think if i remember right. Creeped us out so we left haha. The squatters stuff was upstairs in the bedroom still too.

Unknown said...

I went there alost 6 years ago. I was there in the middle of the night with a few friends. Honestly didn't feel creepy. In the basement there was a grave tho I think if i remember right. Creeped us out so we left haha. The squatters stuff was upstairs in the bedroom still too.

AnonyMzHoney said...

Stopped in here on 13th of jan 2018 - I recognized the house from other posts and begged my wife to u-turn so we could explore. As we drove past the tracks about... 3/4 the way to the house from the turn in - something came over both my wife and I. I swear i saw someone watching us approach as that point, but when we got closer it had vanished. I had changed my mind on going in - since the unnerving feeling was growing more intense with each step closer. However i did capture a few images before my wife decided it was time to go.

Unknown said...

My friend and I went here July 4th 2018 - I have family in the town nearby and had previously gone with a cousin two years prior. When my friend and I went it was quite ironically a cloudy and slightly rainy day. We went upstairs, the floor boards in the main hallway are definitely on their last years so for anyone checking this place out, please be extremely cautious. I wouldn't recommend visiting it after dark, not for any paranormal reasons but because it is can be hazardous and is best navigated with daylight. Once we maneuvered our way over the seriously decaying floorboards upstairs we saw the squatters stuff still there, coated in a thick layer of dust and debris from the houses walls. My friend and I also went into the basement (we came prepared for adventure and had large flashlights) and there was still no overall feeling or sign of any supernatural/paranormal occurrences. All in all the house seemed at peace compared to the other abandoned houses we visited after. I would suggest this place for thrill seeking young adults who aren't afraid of a little suspenseful anxiety. I got lots of great ( and mysterious looking) pictures, and if anyone wants information about the other abandoned houses within 100 km of Indian Head, comment on this. I cannot stress enough however that this place can be dangerous if people act irresponsibly, and to never go without informing someone of your whereabouts or having another person with you.