In culture after culture, people believe that the soul lives on after death, that rituals can change the physical world and divine the truth, and that illness and misfortune are caused and alleviated by spirits, ghosts, saints ... and gods.

STEVEN PINKER, How the Mind Works

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mysterious image captured by local news crew in Argentina

The footage was shot at a cemetery in a province of Argentina called Córdoba.
The Argentinean news crew while reporting on a different matter, manged to capture what appears to be a person walking on the roof of the cemetery.

Video Link

According to personal and groundskeepers, there was no one at that time on the roof doing repairs or any other checks. The roof is not accessible to regular visitors.

Interesting video, but not enough evidence to call it a “ghost” or to deem it supernatural. However, notice how it moves very unnatural. Almost like it glides.(above taken from the Ghost Theory )

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What are Orbs? by Dave Juliano

What are these balls of transparent light we find in photos taken in allegedly haunted places? I won't tell you I know the answer to this question. No one has the true answer to this question yet, but that's part of the job of researchers and investigator.

One of the leading theories concerning what orbs are and the one that I lean towards the most is that they are not the spirit at all. The orb is the energy being transferred from a source (i.e. powerlines, heat energy, batteries, people, etc) to the spirit so they can manifest. This may not even be a conscious thing the spirit is doing, just a natural way they get their energy. This would explain why the orbs are round balls. According to the laws of Physics energy being transferring like that would assume is natural shape of a sphere. This theory can also be tied into the EMF readings we get during spirit activity.

I always approach things with a bit of skepticism, so when I saw all these websites start showing off these photos as ghosts, I was just as weary as most of you. I just had to t
ry it for myself. I took a 35mm camera that I had used regularly for 6 years in all types of lighting and weather and had never gotten an orb or other unexplainable photo before and went out with a few seasoned field investigators on a cemetery investigation. One of the investigators was psychic and she pointed out a few areas we should take photos, so I did. I also had ghost footsteps walkup behind me twice and I turned around quickly and took photos of the empty air. When I got my photos developed, I had these orbs and fog in those photos that I was told to take, as well as the footstep ones. All my other photos were normal. Coincidence?

Since we do not know what orbs truly are, just that they seem to be found mainly in areas where there is ghost activity, I will tell you what they are not. On a normal investigation there are about 10 people using 10 different cameras, 35mm and digital, and many speeds and brands of film. They all get their film developed at separate places. Let's say only half of these investigators get some orb photos. Are these water spots or dirt on the lens? That would mean that 5 people all had similar dirt on their lens and all 5 did not clean their lens either. Are these orbs film processing errors? Well the 35mm cameras all had their film developed in different locations and used different film so that is very unlikely. The digital cameras can't have fil
m-processing errors.

I am aware that some people feel that the orbs on a digital camera are an error in the digital processing of the image. When that error does occur in digital photos, the objects tend to be square in nature, not round and they cannot be semi-transparent, the pixel behind would have to be corrupted also. I will not even address the precipitation theory, no legitimate researchers takes photos in any form of precipitation. What about dust and dirt being stirred up? Can that be the cause of the orbs? If that were the case, I would think that there would not be normal photos in a sequence of photos from the same camera and location. All of the shots in a sequence should have the dust or dirt in it. We find that most orb photos do not appear in consecutive photos. All photographers present should get orbs if it is dust being stirred up as well.

These are just a few things for the skeptics to think of when they are condemning an orb photo as a fake or fraud and some things for investigators to consider when checking their photos for positives.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Haunting Questionnaire

Do you feel your home is haunted? Find out if it is and with what paranormal entity it might be.

Please read each option carefully, then place them in the order of most significant to least.

1. Have you…

A) felt as though you are being watched by unseen eyes?

B) felt a constant presence of energy?

C) occasionally sensed a mild presence?

D) had occasional unsolicited and dark thoughts?

2. Have you…

A) seen a free floating orb or apparition?

B) felt inexplicably tired, sad or angry?

C) experienced repetitive and predicable anomalous activity like invisible footsteps on the stairs or in the hall at specific hours of the day?

D) had things go missing then turn up later in the same place you looked?

3. Have you…

A) felt something unseen touch you or brush up against you?

B) felt uncomfortable only in certain areas of the house?

C) had reoccurring issues with plumbing, electrical or appliances with no explanation?

D) Suddenly smelled a horrible smell with no explanation?

4. Have you…

A) had vivid and inexplicable dreams of ghosts in your house?

B) experienced more illness or depression since living in the home?

C) had toilets flush or taps turn on when no one was using them?

D) felt an evil or manipulative presence in the home or developed violent thoughts, suicidal or homicidal?

5. Have you…

A) seen glimpses of something or someone in your peripheral?

B) noticed that when you are not home, you have more energy and feel happier?

C) seen inexplicable flashes of light coming from the same location more than once?

D) started experiencing night terrors or experiencing scary paranormal activity while trying to sleep?

6. Have you…

A) heard disembodied whispers or voices patiently trying to speak with you?

B) had an overall change in mood and personality since moving into a new house?

C) heard a repetitive voice or noise from a certain location in the house?

D) starting experiencing paranormal activity since you or someone in the home has entered a hormonal change in their life?

7. Have you…

A) discovered within the history of the home that there was a death in the home or nearby?

B) moved into a home that has had one or more previous owners?

C) found doors or windows left open when no one was there?

D) been physically assaulted, pushed or scratched by an unseen force?

8. Have you…

A) had others in your home, guests, children or others in the home, acknowledge seeing an apparition?

B) noticed a feeling of overcast negativity hovering over your new home?

C) noticed occasional anomalous scents in your home, tobacco, perfume, etc.?

D) noticed the paranormal activity heightening and becoming more aggressive the more you notice it or get upset with it?

9. Have you…

A) noticed your pets calmly looking at or passively interacting with seemingly invisible beings?

B) noticed your family members becoming more apt to fight or withdraw since moving?

C) noticed your pet reacting to repetitive noises in the home?

D) noticed your pet behaving frightened for no apparent reason?

10. Have you…

A) noticed considerable drops in temperature occasionally in your home, especially when you feel the presence?

B) lost interest in many of the normal activities you used to enjoy since moving in the new home?

C) noticed that the presence doesn’t seem aware of your existence?

D) had the entity follow you outside the home?

11. Have you…

A) felt someone standing beside or sitting on your bed while you are sleeping?

B) had new physical ailments suddenly appear after moving to this home?

C) noticed only certain lights or appliances to be affected on a regular basis?

D) had the feeling of being possessed, missing time or had the entity claim to be a demon or the devil?

12. Have you…

A) felt that you communicated with the ghost and had a successful response?

B) had obsessive compulsive or paranoid thoughts pertaining to the home?

C) discovered that many people have lived in the home previously?

D) noticed the activity strength will fluctuate or quit suddenly without warning?

If A’s seem to be the most significant, you probably have a typical ghost haunting. The ghost being that of a previously living human being that has ties to the home. Either they passed on in the home or resided in the home at one point, they feel a connection with the home and most likely have some unfinished business to complete. Often times, these types of ghosts have a specific message or duty to perform to enable them to cross over to the other side. The best thing to do in this situation is to verbally voice your willingness to help them in any way you can. By extending the invitation to assist them, they learn they can trust you and will eventually convey their message or decide that they have been acknowledged and will go home.

If B’s are mostly at the top of your list, your home may be inflicted with residual energy. Negative energies imprinted into the home from former tenants of the home. Anger, sadness, depression and bitterness may have painted their energies into the very fibre of your home. New homes built from the ground up are very pleasant to live in not only for their new home look, but also because no one else has been there before you to imbed their toxic behaviours or personalities. The very best way to clear these homes of their negative energies is to imprint a constant flow of positive energy. Crystals are a very good addition to homes like these due their energy cleaning properties. Burning sweet grass or sage is also another effective way of charging the home with good energy. Having the home blessed can also encourage positive energy flow.

If you’ve chosen mostly C’s, your home is likely haunted by a redundant ghost. Occasionally, a deceased person can recreate an event in a home or environment and replay that moment over and over. Like a tape recorder trapped in time, the event or events that occurred in that home may simply continue day to day or on a special day of the year. These ghosts are not sentient and are not able to communicate, it’s simply a blip in the fabric of time. Honestly, there’s really no efficient way to rid yourself of these types of ghosts. Blessing or cleansing the home would definitely be a good option, but otherwise, it may just remain as a harmless addition to the home.

All D’s at the top of your list is of great concern. This indicates that a poltergeist is likely present in your home. These paranormal vermin have been around for centuries and create serious and dangerous adverse conditions in your home. They have been known to present themselves as demons, the devil or simply a pest. They are proficient at manipulating people and creating extreme stress within homes. As well as being physically aggressive, they are able to invade the human psyche and tap into emotional weaknesses. They feed exclusively off of negative energy so the more angry, sad or scared the inflicted family becomes, the stronger they grow. The only way to attempt to rid one’s home of these potentially dangerous ghosts is to ignore them and control your own energy. Similar to a toddler throwing a tantrum, simply walk away from any of their attempts to manipulate you. All attempts to rid them through positive reinforcement may only cause them to try harder and become more violent. Cutting off the supply of negative energy is the only way to force them to leave of their own accord.

* Note, it is very possible to have more than one type of paranormal disturbance in your home.

**All logical mental, physical and emotional explanations should be explored and ruled out first before considering the paranormal. (above taken from the Spirt Guide )

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ghost in the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City

Entity Passes Through Museum Security Gate

Video of an entity taken at the Science Museum at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City. The security camera picked up the spectre as it passed through the security gate then again when it returned back. Notice that the turnstiles are also activated. The museum was closed to the public at the time.

This one is also interesting. I'm not entirely convinced but take a look.

Ghost in Public Hospital

Friday, November 14, 2008

Heavyweights of the Paranormal ( Part One ) Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, located in Louisville, Kentucky, opened in 1910 as a two-story hospital to accommodate 40 to 50 tuberculosis patients. It has since come to be considered one of the most haunted buildings in the Eastern United States. In the early 20th century, Jefferson County was severely stricken with an outbreak of tuberculosis. The original Waverly Hills building was soon home to over 140 patients. A larger hospital was needed for the overwhelming number of patients coming in, so construction of a five-story building that could hold more than 400 patients began in March 1924.

The new building opened on October 17, 1926, and was eventually closed in June 1961. The building was reopened in 1962 as Woodhaven Geriatrics Hospital; Woodhaven was closed in 1981 due to patient abuse.

Room 502 is perhaps the most notable location in Waverly Hills and the number has sometimes been adopted symbolically
. One story claims that a nurse hanged herself after finding she was pregnant out of wedlock and attempting surgery upon herself to abort the illegitimate child. Another tells a different nurse who jumped from a balcony. However, the SciFi Channel series Ghost Hunters turned up no records or death certificates to confirm the legends, although there is confirmation of the nurse's suicide by hanging and her discovery in official records. Some sources claim there is also confirmation of the second death, but it is currently disputed. Other common sightings in Waverly Hills include the vista of young children running through the halls, as the hospital had a large number of children and families housed there.

Apparitions & Other Strange Events
The most common experience of visitors seems to be "moving shadows" or "shadow people". These are shadows that
appear to have some substance - able to "walk" across doorways and to block some light when a laser is pointed at them. There are many reports of these shadows both inside and outside the building.

Glowing Orbs (nicknamed "Soul Orbs" by some) have also been photographed there. These small balls of light appear almost like lightbulbs or specks of dust when captured on film, but there has been no electric power to the building in years. They are often reported to fly around corridors and spawn other orbs.

Some photos show indistinct "brown imps" o
utside the grounds too, but these humanoid shapes are a less common sighting. The existing photographic evidence of the imps is dubious to say the least.

There have been many Electronic_voice_phenomenon recordings made in the building and grounds. Varying from the more common "Get ou
t" or "Go away" to more specific statments like "What kind of hospital is this?" and "The winch" (referring to the winch that powered the Death Tunnel's body card, and recorded in that area).

Often a boy bouncing a ball is seen and at l
east one small, old, leather ball has been found in the building. Investigators once found a ball rolling towards them, and it being moved by an unseen force. Electronic_voice_phenomenon recordings feature a child saying "I am three". There have been numerous sightings and recordings of small children.

Another notable vision is the sight of a woman - reports vary as to the age and appearance - bearing chains around bloodied wrists chanting or screaming "Help me!" at the entrance of the building.

The most common apparition though is of a young girl with no eyes which has appeared on photos and been encountered by witnesses. This girl is called "Mary" by staff and researchers, based on a recovered photo of a young woman that was recovered and was signed "Love, Mary Lee". However, the girl in the photo is older than most reports of the ghosts perce
ived age. Mary is the most conversational of the ghosts and has spoken to many people, usually wanting to play games with them.

The Death Tunnel! This tunnel has to be the most famous tunnel up at Waverly Hills. It has been a major subject of discussion among people who have been to visit Waverly on tours during October. For some reason...this tunnel has come to be called " the body chute." Actually however, this is an incorrect term...because a chute is a slide. Bodies of deceased patients were never slid down this tunnel and piled up at the bottom in heaps - a popular misconception that alot of people have come to have about this tunnel.

In reality, this tunnel was originally a steam tunnel that supplied the sanatorium with hot steam for the radiators. Yes, the boiler room was at one time at the very bottom of the hill because of the black smoke produced by the coal fed boilers. The tunnel was also a good way for employees to get up and down the hill during the winter time and keep warm at the same
time. Transporting the bodies of deceased tuberculosis patients was only ONE of the uses of the tunnel. During the peak years of tuberculosis there were a lot of deaths at the sanatorium, and the staff realized that it would be very discouraging for patients to look out the windows and see hearses pulling up and taking away people who had died.

Try to imagine yourself being administered to the sanatorium with a diagnosis of having TB. It is the late 1920's, and antibiotics have not been invented yet. So, you realize that you have a chance to get cured and live, could die too if the treatments they gave you didn't work well enough. Now, imagine how discouraged you would feel if you looked out from your assigned room, and when you pull the curtains see people who have died being picked up with a hearse. And to make matters see that perhaps many times throughout a day. It would be so emotionally depressing to you that you might give up the fight to live. Then ....your bodies defenses dwindle. It is a known fact that if a person gets very depressed can affect their bodies defense system to the point that it may not fight off a disease as well as if the person is in good spirits. So, that is the reason why the staff at Waverly would sneak the bodies down through this tunnel!

Estimates vary wildly of how many died at Waverly, though the owners of the building say that it was around 63,000. This estimate would be consistent with other TB hospitals, considering Waverly's size.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ituna's Ghost of 1924

  "Ghosts, ah! ah! It is to shiver!

  Ituna, a small town on the Grand Trunk Railway, a hundred miles or so northest of Regina, is in the throes of a genuine mensation. For months the "ghost" of a woman has appeared near there.

 Residents of the town, district, and of adjoining places for miles around are thoroughly intriged - and thrilled. Hundreds have seen the mysterious figure both by night and day and the excited is divided into three categories - believers, half-believers and scoffers, ghost-hunting excursions. Ghost-hunting excursions have taken the place of dances, socials and concerts. Nearly every night, and often during the day, old and young make pilgrimages to watch the spot where the strange visitations occur. Some have camped on the scene for many hours at a stretch. Many have seen the ghost, or something which they are convinced is supernatural. Others have departed, disappointed and skeptical.

   One may question the sanest, most reliable people in Ituna and round-about and come to the reasonable conclusion that there is a real basis for becoming worked up over the question. The scien

tific mind might almost term the appearance of the [the image is missing of this part] female wraith, an "inexplicable phenomenon" At any rate it's decidely queer. Hundreds of theories have been propounded and none of them are very logical . In the meantime, people continue to see the nebulous creature in gauzy draperies, and more and more converts to the ranks of those who believe in the supernatual are made.

    Very appropriately the female wraith of Ituna haunts one particular spot; and still more appropiately the name of that spot is "Ghost Hill". The name was given years ago when the district was first settled, so long ago that residents have forgotten just why. It is an errie place, a bare, conical knob rising from the undulating bluffy country which lies between the Touchwood and Fire Hills Indian reservation.

   "Ghost Hill" is situated nine or ten miles west and a little north of the town of Ituna, half a mile from the Lunmville school. All around are sloughs and dense clups of bushes and small populars. Though there are farms on every side, the hill itself is in the centre of a section of wild land, the property of the provincial government.

    "Nothing ever happens in small town." Lot's of people believe this and thousands of residents in small centres throughout the country will repeat the phrase. But in the case of Ituna, the humdrum routine of rural life was rudely broken early in June when the first news of the haunted hill near the school was broadcast throughout the district

Nick Finuke, 22-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Finuke, who live[s] less than three-quarters of a mile from the spot where the draped ghost walks, was apparently the first to see. It was high noon, he says. A figure in white garb appeared on the summit of the knoll, which stands out clearly against the sky-line from all sides. He thought it strange that a woman should be there and he walked closer. As he approached the hill, something strange about the figure rivited his attention. It seemed to grow larger and smaller before his gaze. It appeared to lack stability Finuke saw with surprise and fear that he could see through the figure. When he came closer it disappeared.

    This was the beginning then a munber of school children whose playground is within sight of the hill, saw the mysterious figure. From that distance - about half of a mile - they weren't sure if it were animal, bird or human being. They told their teacher Miss Ethel Clark. The latter a throughly practical Saskatchewan girl, put it down to childish imagination until one day she saw the ghost herself. That was on August 13.

 It was a punctual spirit. Each day, about the noon hour it would appear for a time and 

each night at midnight the intangible would again reveal itself for the edification of silent watchers. Children came to watch for the visitation and regarded its presence as almost commonplace, after the initial thrills had worn off. Farmers working at a considerable distance in their fields would observe a white shape wafted across the across the hill and they knew the ghost was walking. Then, as certainly of the fact that something enigmatic, something mysterious, was going on become established, the excursions and ghost-hunting trips commenced.

   The first week in July, and up to the middle of that month, saw the greatest interest on the part of people of the surrounding country in attempt to solve the riddle. Yorkton, Leslie, Jasmin, Herbert, Wynyard, Foam Lake, Hubbard and many other towns sent representatives as well as Ituna. Some came in a serious vein, prepared to be gentle or use violence with the wraith as occasion demaned. But the majority came in the holiday spirit. They drove in autos. The unspoiled environs of Ghost Hill resounded with raucious shouts. The landscape was embellished with empty cigaret packets, banana and orange skins, wrappings of chocolate bars and the grease paper which had done duty as coverings for lunches. One night, a party from Kelliher, brought a phonograph, and the ghost - if present - was regaled with such classics, "You've gotta see Mama ev-er-y night, or you can't see Mama at all".

    And then it became plan that the ghost disliked noise. When revelers were present, 

she remained invisible. At night, the display of lights also drove her into retirement. On many occasions between July 1 and the later part of August, the amateur investigators turned the headlights of their automobles upon the hill and small clump of populars on the northest side where from her ghostship was suppost to sally. Not once did she manifest herself.

    But to the silent, stalking type of ghost-hunter, came the success which the boisterous ones failed to secure. At midnight they would sneak up and secret themselves about the hill sometimes climbing to the summit and remaining perfectly still. Them so many of them asserted, they saw a white shape rise from the ground and grow to the height of a woman. They describe the spirit as like a vapor at first, afterward seeming to gain greater stability, yet retaining semitransparent qualities described by Nick Finuke.

    These noctural searchers after supernatural reported the spirit always to be in the same place. It would come, they day out of the [end of the front page; now quoting from page 3] clump of poplars, and stand facing the knoll between two small trees, the white trucks of which are plainly discernable, even at night. When matches would be lit for a close investigation; or when an electric torch was suddenly flashed on the spot, there was nothing there. The light was gone, the ghost would often reappear.

It was a silent, well-behaved spirit. It laid "cold hands" on no one. It made no noise, coming as quietly as the day and departing as quickly as the night comes in the tropics...

The investigators, comparing notes discovered several things in regard to the habits of the wraith. For example, in its nightly appearances it appeared to favor the time when the moon was at its full. This was particularly true of June and August. In the daylight, still, hot weather, without wind, seemed to lure the form into the sunshine. Cold, frosty nights within the past few days, are evidently too severe for thin and gauzy draperies, for watchers report no results.

Can it be that her ghostship - like the birds - will go south during the winter season?

Perhaps it is more likely that the noise; the encrouchment upon her privacy at Ghost Hill; the defacement of the landscape with the refuse from midnight picnics, and the tramping of the grass and breaking of the bushes has caused her to go elsewhere?

The first flush of excitement in Ituna over the ghost had subsided during the first week in September when a Morning Leader reporter paid a visit to the town and to Ghost Hill. H.G. Clark, well-known cattleman of the district; his daughters, Ethel and Golda, and the newspapermen squatted silently on the hill during the night of September 4 - and failed to get a glimse of her highness the ghost...

It was nearly 11 o'clock when The Leader reporter and Mr. Clark drove to Lunmville 

school on the night of September 4. Miss Ethel Clark who teaches at the school, and Miss Golda Clark - who will soon be old enough to impart pedagogal instruction, live near in a tiny, two roomed house near the seat of learning.

With the air of a humoring couple of sightly deranged people, the school ma'm and her young sister undertook to pilot the party over the intervening bluffs and through coulees and around sloughs to Ghost Hill. There was no stars and the light from the stars was scant. The moon - in its first quarter - was already below the rim of the horizon.

Though the pair of young Amazons didn't appear to have much difficulty, the reporter - and even Mr. Clark - would occasionally trip over something to the accompaniment of brief murmurs of pain or words signifying annoyance. Ghost Hill was finally reached an hour before midnight.

The spot at night, with all silent and expectant, is one which drips mystery. From the hill itself, the clump of poplars with dense undergrowth, loon black and uninviting. The slightest of slight night breezes ruffle the poplar leaves into a monotonous whisper. To the west, and behind the hill, is a big slough, banked on every side with tall reeds. The faint light reflected by its waters, is caught by the glazed poplar leaves and flickers in and out. Through the tree, lower down, come occasional glimpses of dried mud on the edge of the slough, showing gray.

Straining the four pair of eyes into the patchy blackness of the poplar grove Certainly it seemed as if between the two small poplars where the ghost was reported as having been seen many times, there was a misty shape. It was faint and formless, however, and close inspection invariably failed to get a more definite view. It was nearly one o'clock when the party - convinced that her ghostship would not walk that night - walked back to the residence by the school.

...There were no landmarks which could be seen in the now almost pitch black night: the big dipper constellation used for a guide at first, was found to be too far north and by the time the school was reached, the ghost hunters had waled at least three times the necessary distance.

Miss Ethel Clark, speaking of her sight of the ghost, said that she went out in the school yard to look after the Finuke children, Nick had come running to her with the story just after lunch, August 13. >From the distance, she was unable to tell very much about it. It seemed like a woman's figure, but the motion along the face of the hill was not like waling, rather a drifting, gliding means of progress. It disappeared a few moments after in the clump of poplars and she never saw it again.

The next day at noon, The Leader made a minute examination of the hill. It is honeycombed with rabbit and badgers burrows but of the badgers and rabbits there were none to be seen. A huge mound of earth thrown up near the poplar grove by one of the burrowing animals, had been styled a "grave" by one of the village ghost hunters.

The hill itself had nothing of the artificial about it. It seemed like many other smaller hills in the vicinity, to have been made in the course of nature's work. Glacial action and the errosion of centuries was very apparent. There was no sign of human dwelling about. In fact, there was nothing of the "manmade" look about anything in the neighborhood. The grove, though the underbrush had been torn, and initials cut deep into the young poplars by the amateur ghost-hunters, couldn't have sheltered a rabbit without a search disclosing the animal.

Fred Manchuk, attendance Inspector of the school... said very definitely that he had seen the ghost.

"At first it looked small, like a rabbit or a white dog," he asserted.

"Then, when I got closer, it seemed like a woman going along as smoothly as if she were skating. Yes, there's something funny there. Lots of people have seen it."

Mr. Clark said that one feature of the ghost hunts conducted during July and August was that some of the party would claim to see the woman and others, right beside them, couldn't see anything out of the oridinary at all. On one such occasion two men were sitting on the side of the fill diring the night, watching for the appearance of the apparition. Suddenly one exclaimed excitedly. "There it is." His companion strained his eyes into the darkness but could see nothing. "There, there," the other repeated, following with his finger the object which he saw moving along the edge of the grove. The other man caught up a stick and ran to the shadow beneath the trees, laying about with the improvised club.

"Am I hitting it?" he asked.

Yes, now it's on your left! Now it's behind you," said the other.

But the man with the stick though he flailed about, failed to see or touch anything unusual. Another case of similiar characteristics

is that of Mrs. John an aged lady of Ituna, and her son. They camped on the hill one night, and the old lady saw the ghost distinctly. Her son failed to get a view, though his mother was very positive and described the cold clammy sensation which came over her when the figure in feminine draperies appeared.

The movtive for the appearance of the wraith on Ghost Hill has been the talk of the whole country for may miles north of the Qu'Appelle Valley. One theory is that the visitation may have have something to do with a particularly revolting murder which occurred in the district a few years ago [... the author of the article goes into details of the murder, which I will omit here].

Another - and perhaps the most general belief among those who are convinced the ghost does frequent the spot - is that it may be "control" of some departed Indian.

The whole country on all sides was once famous as a hunting ground for Saskatchewan's original residents. Here was game in abundance; water aplenty and shelter from the elements in winder. Here were fought many of the little Indian wars.

Color to the Indian theory is lent by the fact that many years ago, a stone suppost to have been used by Indian sun-worshippers[1], was found not far from Ghost Hill.

According to T. G. Morrison, one of the earliest setlers in the district; the stone was about three feet square, with rough representation of the sun, with rays of light shown by deep scores in the rock. C. W. Hoddings, also of Ituna, one of those who, became interested when it was found, sent the stone in 1906 to Regina.

When the theorist discuss the stone, it is sometimes referred to as a gravestone and Ghost Hill referred to as a community burying place similar in character to the cemeteries of the earliest tribes of Britian before civilization came to her shore.[The rest of the article goes into various theories regarding the ghost and why they don't hold water] (above taken from the Leader  )

Monday, November 10, 2008

And in other news ... Illinois Woman Lived With Deceased Siblings

Neighbours knew 90-year-old Margaret Bernstorff's Evanston home was a mess, cluttered with old furniture and stacks of yellowing newspapers. But no one imagined that inside the colourful Victorian-era home on Judson Avenue were the decayed bodies of three siblings, one of whom died in the 1970s and another of whom died about six months ago.

The Cook County medical examiner's office confirmed yesterday that the dead included Bernstorff's sister Anita, who died in May at age 98; her brother, Frank, who died in 2003 at age 83; and another sister, Elaine, who died in her 60s sometime in the late 1970s. The bodies, some covered with blankets, were found on Friday in different rooms of the home.

It was determined that all three died of natural causes and police have not charged anyone with a crime. Bernstorff was unavailable for comment and has been placed in a senior care facility.

As investigators continued to gather information from the home, police and neighbours were left to wonder how a woman could apparently live for years inside a home with the decaying remains of family members.

"I'm shocked. I think we're all shocked," said Allan Redmond, an Evanston contractor who had become friendly with Margaret Bernstorff after doing repairs on her home. "A few weeks ago I asked her about her sister [Anita] because it had been a long time since I'd seen her. She said that her sister was sick and upstairs, but I couldn't have imagined something like this."

Some neighbours knew Margaret Bernstorff had once lived with relatives. But it had been years since anyone had seen her brother and months since they had seen or spoken with Anita, Redmond said. Given the horrid conditions inside her home, many were concerned that Margaret could no longer care for herself. Some neighbours occasionally checked in on Bernstorff, bringing food and groceries the woman didn't always warmly accept. "She could be stubborn and she didn't take help a lot of the time," Redmond said. (above taken from the Phantoms and Monsters website )

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Location - Darke Hall

Francis Nicholson Darke was a notable figure in Regina. He was a prominent businessman and real estate magnate and his philanthropic efforts improved the quality of life for Regina's citizens. He was Regina's youngest mayor and he served on city council for many years.

Francis Darke's philanthropic efforts greatly enhanced the City of Regina. He donated the money to build the Darke Hall for Music and Art in 1929. Darke Hall quickly became a bastion of culture for Regina and many musical and theatrical productions took place there over the years. It also served as the home of the Regina Symphony Orchestra for 41 years. Darke also donated the church bells that currently reside in the Knox-Metropolitan United Church. The bells, which were donated in 1927, were given as a memorial to Darke's son Clifford, who had died in an automobile accident in 1926.

Darke died in 1940 of a heart attack. He was laid to rest in the Darke mausoleum, one of the few mausoleums in Regina.

Darke’s legacy still lives on in the city, however. It is said that Darke's spirit has been seen in and around Darke Hall.

The "Blood Cemetery"

Curtis Carmichael, paranormal researcher and photographer today announced the official release of a new web site focusing on the famed ‘Blood Cemetery’ located in Hollis, New Hampshire (USA). This cemetery, cited in virtually all haunted places books in print in the New England area is believed to be one of the most haunted and active cemeteries in the region. With gravestones dating back to the 1700s, it is very old.

Officially, the cemetery is named Pine Hill Cemetery although commonly referred to as simply Blood Cemetery – the name attributable to the Blood family burial blot towards the central region of the burial grounds. Many believe the ghost of Abel Blood roams the cemetery and his headstone has been commonly cited and studied by paranormal researchers. Many people have reported the hand pointing up towards the heavens on his grave mysteriously points downward at night.

Numerous paranormal investigations have recorded strange voices (EVPs) and ghostly orbs have shown up in countless photographs. Closed dusk to dawn and heavily patrolled by authorities around Halloween.