In culture after culture, people believe that the soul lives on after death, that rituals can change the physical world and divine the truth, and that illness and misfortune are caused and alleviated by spirits, ghosts, saints ... and gods.

STEVEN PINKER, How the Mind Works

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Location - Saskatchewan Hospital

Part One

Saskatchewan's first mental hospital was opened in North Battleford in February, 1914. By May the Saskatchewan Hospital, North Battleford, was 'one of the most modern on the American Continent,' and had 325 patients. The Saskatchewan government had originally intended to limit the accommodation to 800 patients, but by 1919 the hospital had become so overcrowded that a decision was made to open a second institution in Weyburn. The Saskatchewan Hospital, Weyburn opened in December, 1921.

By 1929, with approximately 1,000 patients in each institution, the overcrowding became deplorable. Patients were deteriorated and unclean. The only clothing they wore were strong dresses made of canvas. They slept on beds sometimes two to a bed, sometimes the odd one under a bed.

To be continued ...


Brandon said...

Approximately 5km's away from Sask. hospital Is The Sask. Hospital Cemetary Far out past the Industrial Area. Follow some rough gravel roads and your there. There is a guy named Cecile, He attempted to murder 12 nurses but failed and was cut up, burned and burried half alive. If you go there at night and you yell as loud as you can it should echo then should stop. then Cecile Should yell it back at you. Also there is a mother and a daughter buried there in the same grave. At night you will hear the daughters laughter because they had to re-open the grave to put the daughter in.


It says no tresspassing so i dont think they want you in there. Right when you get in there also your spine will shiver and your neck will sweat.

Lazyowl said...

Hey there thanks for the tip. We were thinking about visiting the crooked woods this weekend and may have time to visit this graveyard. Great story.

Brandon said...

both my mom and my dad grew up in battleford,and as a young boy i've heard the type of stories that inspire you to go and do the same thing. one night my mother brought up a time her and my dad and about 20 of their friends heard obout the saskatchewan hospital cemetary and decided to go one night sll together to see what they were told was a glowing gravestone. so one night about 20 of them hopped in their trucks and drove out down a dirt road with their lights off so the staff wouldn't see them they parked their trucks and headed off into a wooded area in hopes they would find this graveyard. eventually after a while they stumbled upon a clearing in the wood with grave stones. so they found it and they found the glowing gravestone that everybody wanted to see. my grandma (mom's mom) had worked at the sask hospital for about 15 years at this time and a few day later my mom asked about the cemetary out in the middle of nowhere and my grandma knew nothing about it infact she didn't beleive my mom about it, but ahe was curious so she asked around the hospital staff and tried to figure out what my mom was talking about (this was back in the mid 80's and there were still some staff that had been at the hospital sinse around the late 30's early 40's when my grandma was born) but eventualy my grandma notices that he older staff were almost scared to talk about it but one nurse said that the graveyard was created wel off the premisis of the hospital to burie the deaceaced patients who had no family,and because of a few very dangerouse patients who were murdered by staff based on violent on top of the info my grandma heard from some working staff at the hospital she asked my great gandpa who used to work there in the 20's and 30's and he said he had went on a few trips to the graveyard to transport the bodies out to their grave but wouldn't say much more as again it was suposed to be a secret. i thought i would share this story cause this is by far is my favourite story

Anonymous said...

Urban Legends!

Anonymous said...

I think it's true I been out there many times as a teenager!!! But there isn't just one grave site there is two hidden ones , I also didn't know this stuff about the hospital either I fin fit fasanating

Anonymous said...

As a teenager my friends and I spent a lot of time out by the Sask Hospital in the 90s with our 4x4 trucks. There is actually 3 grave yards that we found. We would continue down the road past Peak/Maple leaf and there was a turn off into the bush. There was a graveyard to your immediate right. Continuing on there was a fork in the road.

To the right after driving a few kms through some rougher terrain there was the "famous" Ceceil Coats graveyard that read "we will meet again". Many stories were told about it.

To the left of the fork there was another graveyard where there were many nuns/priests grave markers as well as one plaque that read something along the lines that there were hundreds of unmarked graves but the plaque was stolen sometime in the 90s.

We would spend a lot of the summers driving around these areas trying to get our cars/trucks through all the paths and making a few of our own but we tried to be very respectful of the area, never damaging the graves or fences.

Last year I was back in NB and took my fiance out there to show her the place I always reminisce about but due to recent develop, I believe it is a water or sewage treatment plant the area seems mostly blocked off and inaccessible. Possible still from the back way and if you had a decent enough truck but I didn't bother trying as there were no trespassing signs and more activity than there was when I was a kid.