In culture after culture, people believe that the soul lives on after death, that rituals can change the physical world and divine the truth, and that illness and misfortune are caused and alleviated by spirits, ghosts, saints ... and gods.

STEVEN PINKER, How the Mind Works

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Location - Kerrobert Court House

Constructed in 1920, the Court House is a focal point in the community. Designed by the Provincial Architect Maurice W. Sharon and built by Wilson and Wilson of Regina at a cost of $145,750.00; this imposing brick and Tyndall stone building was the seat of the Kerrobert Judicial District. The building with its beautiful historic park surroundings are now the home of the Town of Kerrobert Municipal offices as well as legal, accounting and other professional services in the town.

There are rumors that the Court House is haunted. People have heard whispering voices, in otherwise empty rooms, and footsteps ascending the main stairway and walking through the Court Room in the early hours of the morning. Some say the ghost has something to do with an old skull which was locked in the basement Evidence Room – it dates back to a 1931 murder trial which was defended by John G. Diefenbaker, a future Prime Minister of Canada (1957 – 1963).


Queen of Halloween said...

My town thanks you for a great write-up on it's haunted courthouse. My daughter & I enjoyed the paranormal investigations of SGHS last night/morning in that place. We had quite a night so look forward to their story soon. Love your sight and I would like to link to it.

Lazyowl said...

Thanks for your great comments. I'm disappointed I was unable to attend the investigation due to coming down with the flu. I am looking forward to hearing about how it went.
Please feel free to link to the site. It's appreciated. :)