In culture after culture, people believe that the soul lives on after death, that rituals can change the physical world and divine the truth, and that illness and misfortune are caused and alleviated by spirits, ghosts, saints ... and gods.

STEVEN PINKER, How the Mind Works

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hunt for Ghosts near Nordegg

Western Wilderness Adventures is offering an unusual weekend getaway for visitors who want to test their supernatural detection powers.

All I can tell you is that either you’re going to love Cabin #3 or you’re going to run screaming into the woods as if your hair is on fire. Because that’s where … well, you’ll find out.

A new ghost hunting camp perched on soil that’s soaked in ghost lore offers a wilderness adventure that promises pay-offs in the form of sightings, hearings and – if you’re lucky – an unforgettable night of fright.

There’s no running water, no telephones, no disturbances of any kind at this rustic camp, other than the kind that might make your skin crawl.

How to track a ghost
Will Baker, 28, owner and operations manager of Western Wilderness Adventures, tested the property near Nordegg (west of Red Deer) for a year to ensure it was ghost-active but visitor-friendly.

“Ghosts and spirits walk the grounds here, and this is a chance to learn all about investigating such phenomenon,” says Baker, who is First Nations and a member of the Chippewa of Sarnia.
“We launched our ghost hunting adventures at the beginning of April, but I’ve been doing ghost hunts here with family and friends for the past year, and that made me confident that if guests came I could produce results that it is haunted.”

Get the right ghost gear
You need the right stuff to hunt ghosts and Baker provides it all at the camp. “We make sure that what we use is something you can buy yourself if you learn here and want to do more on your own later,” he says.

A digital voice recorder is used “to keep a record but also to keep up on disembodied voices that you can hear.” A portable laptop enhances and isolates sounds. An EMF meter (electromagnetic field detector) tracks ghost energy. A video camera captures sightings. A night vision scope shows things you wouldn’t see otherwise.

Enjoy your weekend
Okay, about Cabin #3: there have already been several “very successful” ghost hunting camp weekends over the past month or so, says Baker. Cabin #3 is where the little girl ghost tends to appear. She pulls on your covers. She asks you to play.

You can book a weekend here or call (403)846-9026 for more information.

Return to Fort San

Lately we had a chance to return to Fort San and wander the grounds taking pictures. The years have not been kind to the site as well as the vandals. Almost every building, which was firmly boarded up last time we visited, has now been torn open and furniture and debris thrown about.

While walking the grounds we met many other curious persons as well. Unfortunately nothing of the supernatural kind. We left with plans of returning on another day in the evening.

Several weeks later on driving by the site it has on
ce again been plastered with no trespassing signs and trailers blocking the way in. So much for procrastination. Hopefully we can once again get in contact with the current owners and get permission to explore the grounds and buildings in the evening.

Watch here for more updates on the Fort San location.