In culture after culture, people believe that the soul lives on after death, that rituals can change the physical world and divine the truth, and that illness and misfortune are caused and alleviated by spirits, ghosts, saints ... and gods.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

10 Real Paranormal Investigation or Ghost Hunting Myths

1. Ghosts will haunt anyone that enters their haunted location.

Not true A ghost will haunt who it wants to when it wants to. Just because your out hunting them does not mean they will show them selves or let their presence be known unless they deem you as being the person they really want to haunt.

Many ghosts have very human traits that still hold after death, Shyness, introverted . Or still wrestling with a drug or left over life addictions or emotional problems. These many factors help a ghost to stay earthbound. And if you are not what a ghosts sees as a good mark or person that they want to haunt you will not be haunted by them.

2. Ghosts don't know what and how we think.

Ghosts watch us and analyze us, whether they are smart or stupid or crazy or drunk. They have a better advantage by being what they are. Because of this they can calculate our thoughts.

I don't think a ghost can read your mind unless it inhabits your mind through possessing you directly. And you would not know it if it really happens to you.

A real ghost can possess someone and it cannot be documented or known until sometimes weeks or even years go by.

3. A paranormal Investigation should take a day or two only.

It should take as long as it needs to, Weeks Months or years. To many people follow the rule that if a ghost does not show up in a few minutes to an hour or two then a location is not haunted. this is the misconception that television has brought us.

4. Ghosts will haunt you if you ask them to.

Real Ghosts will choose to haunt who they want when they want. If your out collecting EVP's and you ask or even demand that ghosts makes it's presence know most ghosts will tend to let you be. Psychics have told me that only ghosts with problems tend to speak up only because they want someone to hear them.

But in truth most ghosts do not do command performances. And no matter how much you ask. Demand or threaten them they will only haunt you if they want to.

5. Hard Evidence is all a Paranormal Investigator should gather.

Anything can prove to an individual that they are haunted and if you need to prove it to someone else then hard evidence is what you need. But subtle evidence will make a skeptic into a a true believer if they experience it.

In truth personally being touched by a ghost is still not documented evidence neither is a scratch or being slapped in the face or raped by an unseen phantom. It is your word alone.

6. Every haunting is the same and all ghosts can only do certain things.

Not to ghost are the same ghost. just as no to living human beings are exactly alike. Phenomena might be similar but the hauntings are all different learn to see the differences. Many ghosts have abilities that evidence just can be collected on or tested until it happens to you.

Ghosts can get into a persons head. Change them without them knowing it. Ghosts can bring upon you physical health problems are make you believe you have one. Ghosts can do many things that will play tricks on your mind, psyche, and ego. Beware not all ghosts are like you see on television.

If a real ghost can't hurt you tell me why some paranormal investigators go crazy. Or pushed down three flights of stairs. Yes a ghost can physically and mentally hurt you for life. Don't be a fool and believe what you can't see can't hurt you !

A recent Ghost Hunter has claimed to me that they were strangled by unseen hands at a location in California while investigating the Haunts of a dead serial killer. To Often a real ghost can and will follow you home. The ghosts will which you for days before it strikes out and harms you. So don't be a fool and think once you leave a location the ghost is stuck to only haunt that place in question.

A real ghost can possess someone and it cannot be documented or known until sometimes weeks or even years go by.

8. You can Learn to Ghost hunt From watching televison.

Unless yo pay real attention to the show and mentally know and understand all that they say or do then you can. But most who watch the show and go out an try what they see on TV are just fooling themselves and their haunted clients.

9. Paranormal Groups know and have dealt with every kind of haunting.

Not true at all. Books will tell you what others have encountered from ghosts and paranormal activity. Not all groups have had the same experiences or have been effected in the same way. Everyone has their own feeling and encounters not all are exactly the same.

Ghost groups need to become more accommodating to calling in other local paranormal groups to go over their findings and solid evidence.

10. Real Ghosts can be made to leave or stop haunting an individual because Ghost Hunters really know how to get rid of them.

Once you have met a real ghost that will not leave an individual or a location no matter what you do you will realize some people cannot be helped by you or someone in your group. Sometimes you might call in for a house blessing and just anger the ghost. Or it goes dormant for a few months only to come back and haunt the individual or even a member of your group. Ghosts leave when they want to leave. And we as mortals have no power over getting them to move on.( above taken from the Haunted America Tours website )

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