In culture after culture, people believe that the soul lives on after death, that rituals can change the physical world and divine the truth, and that illness and misfortune are caused and alleviated by spirits, ghosts, saints ... and gods.

STEVEN PINKER, How the Mind Works

Friday, July 31, 2009

Great Grandmother’s Ghost: Cellphone Picture

Interesting story is starting to circulate the web about a ghostly image of a supposed great grandmother who makes her appearance on a cell phone picture is making noise across blogs this morning. The story was posted on LitRockFM's website when a listener submitted the story. Kasey claims that while babysitting her 22 month-old niece, she took a picture with her cellphone and noticed an older woman in the background. According to the story, nobody was in the room at the time and no TV or mirrors were around to produce that image. (above taken from "GhostTheory ". )


Anonymous said...

Clearly photoshop.

Lazyowl said...

Hey there thanks for posting!

It very well may be but is interesting none the less. As always you have to assume they are telling the truth regarding the happenstances of the photo. But with anything on the net you have to take it with a grain of salt.