In culture after culture, people believe that the soul lives on after death, that rituals can change the physical world and divine the truth, and that illness and misfortune are caused and alleviated by spirits, ghosts, saints ... and gods.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The common sense rules when investigating a haunting

COMMON SENSE RULES, excerpted from “Hunting the Dead: Methods of Ghost Chasing” by Brian Roesch.

Never trespass! Most places are indicated with signs. If the places have no signs, that does not mean you can trespass. Always get permission first! You can end up arrested or even killed. I have heard of many places where people have been seriously hurt. A lot of places have guard dogs that can shred you in seconds. I will go as far as saying you could even get killed by gunshots if a landowner thinks you are causing serious harm. So just make sure you use your “common sense” at all times.

Treat every ghost hunt location as if it were your own place. Never vandalize, litter or mark up anything. If you break something, report it! If it was something that broke by accident, the owner is usually nice enough to not charge you for damages.

You should never ghost hunt alone.

Always carry ID on you.

First time areas for ghost hunts should always be thoroughly checked first during daylight hours. At night you will be familiar with the area during your ghost hunt.

Bring flashlights and plenty of extra batteries with you.

Do not ghost hunt in bad weather!

Never take risks!

Avoid trouble situations. If some idiot sees you and starts trouble, it is best to leave.

These are some basic rules of thumb to follow that will ensure your safety and the safety of others who ghost hunt with you.

Ghost hunting and paranormal investigation are burgeoning and popular hobbies these days, just remember to play it safe and use your head and avoid imitating the non-reality of “reality” ghost hunt shows: you want to continue to be the hunter and not the HUNTED!

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